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About NWC


NWC takes place in the Convention Center of Hotel Casa Santo Domingo in Antigua Guatemala, which is located in 3ª Calle Oriente No. 28 “A”, just 10 minutes away from Central Park of Antigua Guatemala.

Located on the slopes of the Agua Volcano, Antigua Guatemala is the most important colonial city of Guatemala and one of the best preserved in the world. Declared world heritage by UNESCO in 1979, it transports visitors to the 16th century among a mix of restaurants, cafes, colonial churches, art galleries and other Guatemalan folklore expressions.

Antigua is a common location for processions and countless traditions dating back centuries ago that make this country one of the major touristic destinations in Latin America. Walking through the streets of this city, visiting museums or strolling through the fields of one of the best coffees in the world is a unique experience that gives the visitors the feeling of being in a incomparable and spectacular place.

Government restrictions on architectural construction restorations has facilitated the preservation of monuments, monasteries, churches and other buildings, giving this magnificent city a post-colonial Spanish style that attracts millions of tourists per year.